Elder Law FAQ

Elder Law FAQ

Welcome to our Elder Law FAQs. Here you will find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions many of our member attorneys hear from individuals just like you. We hope you will enjoy this educational resource we provide to you. If you need to find an Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorney in your hometown, just click the link on this page to Find a Lawyer

Irrevocable Trusts
Revocable Trusts
Special Needs Trusts
Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care Surrogate
Unlicensed Practice of Law
Living Will
Elder Abuse/Exploitation
Tips on Hiring a Lawyer

Elder Care Spotlight

The Elder Care Spotlight is a free monthly e-newsletter dedicated to the unique and ever-changing set of circumstances and decisions that Florida’s elderly and citizens with disabilities must face. It offers easy-to-understand tips and resources, making life a little easier for them, as well as for those who care for and work with them.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Tips on Hiring an Elder Law Attorney
Healthcare Decision Makers, Part 1
Healthcare Decision Makers, Part 2