Helping Others Understand Why We Celebrate National Autism Acceptance Month

Reviewed by Jason Neufeld, Esq. Are you aware that April is recognized as National Autism Acceptance Month? Formerly, only the Autism Society celebrated Autism Awareness Month, but it has now become a national celebration called National Autism Acceptance Month. The mission of the Autism Society during National Autism Acceptance Month is to spread understanding of… Read more »

How We Can Help Those Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Reviewed by Jason Neufeld, Esq. Do you have a loved one who recently found out that he or she has Parkinson’s disease and are you caring for your loved one?  You are probably learning that Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder stemming from the gradual destruction of nerve cells in the particular part of the… Read more »

Legislative Update: SB 1710 and HB 1349

    The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys issued this statement about SB 1710 and HB 1349: “While we recognize the importance of collecting aggregate guardianship data, these bills provide too much personal information, which could be exploited. Only information that has a public purpose should be collected, and private information must be protected… Read more »