AFELA is excited to roll out our mentorship program. We welcome everyone to participate. It will be a four (4) month commitment, with a minimum of one monthly ZOOM or telephone meeting during that four (4) month period.


This is an amazing opportunity for new members of AFELA to have one-on-one mentorship from an experienced AFELA member to support you in the practice of elder law. Receiving mentorship from an experienced attorney is invaluable to your success and satisfaction with the practice of elder law. It will also allow you to personally get to know an experienced member and open the door to you getting more involved in AFELA.


In addition, the program provides experienced members the opportunity to give back to the newer members (think about how much you have been helped by AFELA members in the past) and take action to strengthen the practice of elder law statewide.


Mentors and mentees are matched based upon geographical areas (we will not match you with a local colleague) and areas of practice the mentees would like to focus on.


The application period is now closed.  We will open the application period in February 2025.
We are looking forward to everyone participating as a mentor or a mentee next year.