Tips on Hiring a Lawyer

Tips on Hiring a Lawyer

Elder Law encompasses the unique legal aspects of aging. An Elder Law Attorney is familiar with the Federal and Florida laws that impact seniors’ well-being and personal wishes.

Elder Law covers many areas including guardianship, estate planning (wills and trusts, powers of attorney and advanced directives), Medicaid planning and long term care issues, probate and estate administration. Many elder law attorneys also assist families who have children – minors or adults–with special needs. Some Elder Law attorneys may practice a few of these complex areas of law, while others may be more comprehensive in their coverage. Elder law attorneys consider a client’s wishes, his or her health issues and the potential for nursing home care. Some issues may simply be a matter of filling out the correct paperwork, while others are more complex and time-consuming.

It is important to find an Elder Law attorney who is skilled, knowledgeable and up-to-date about policy and legal issues in his or her respective geographical areas. The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys is an excellent place to start a search for the right fit. As members of the Academy, we aspire to high standards of ethics and professionalism and we strive to provide legal advocacy, guidance and services to enhance the lives of seniors and those with special needs.

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Authored by Debra Simms

Reviewed by Laurie Ohall