12 Productivity Tools You’ll Love to Celebrate Small Business Week!

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Authored by Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, JD, CBC

Reviewed by Tommy Smith, Esq.

Most of us love all things that encompass productivity, efficiency, profitability and are built to help you find time in your schedule to get things done!

To celebrate National Small Business Week, take a look at the list we compiled with our top twelve productivity tips and tools – all in one place just for you.

Happy reading!

Productivity Tip 1 – Computer inspiration!

Your computer dashboard and browsing experience will never be the same again. Be greeted by name and set your goals for the day so you get more done. This is to say nothing of the beautiful imagery on Momentum. Take a look at www.momentumdash.com.

Productivity Tip 2 – Your third grade teacher at your fingertips!

Remember when people cared about grammar? Get the help you need every day direct from your computer. Check out Grammarly at www.grammarly.com.

Productivity Tip 3 – Shower paper!

That’s right, never again forget to record the milk on your grocery list while you are washing your hair! You can write notes to yourself in the shower now. Check out Aquanotes, the waterproof paper, at www.myaquanotes.com.

Productivity Tip 4 – Is this thing connected?

Know when your internet connection is going haywire and when it isn’t. Check out SpeedTest at www.speedtest.net.

Productivity Tip 5 – Easily share your screen!

Want to take just a quick minute to share your screen without creating a webinar, chat or anything else complicated? Check out ScreenLeap at www.screenleap.com and start sharing easily.

Productivity Tip 6 – Tired of cyber stalking?

You don’t have to be constantly tagged and followed and tracked when you use your browser. Check out Disconnect at www.disconnect.me for a more private, faster user experience.

Productivity Tip 7 – Never lose an address!

When you incorporate the power of LinkedIn’s database with Evernote’s contacts, the two will automatically sync up whenever your contacts update their information. Be in the know with minimal effort and check out www.evernote.com.

Productivity Tip 8 – Set appointments from your email with the click of a button!

Ready to stop asking when someone wants to set an appointment and just give them choices to pick from? Want to stop having to open your calendar separately to do it? Check out MinMax for email and get started at www.minmax.com. FYI, this is just one of the great features.

Productivity Tip 9 – Handwritten cards are still a must!

But they don’t really have to be handwritten! Check out Bond (www.bond.co) and Felt (www.feltapp.com), our two favorites for handwritten notes. The former is a bit more corporate, and the latter actually has a template of what you can send to your mom.

Productivity Tip 10 – Hate interruptions?

Yeah, we do too. At least the ones that come from your computer and tech can be managed. Check out StayFocusd at www.stayfocusd.com and take back hours of your day.

Productivity Tip 11 – Work in your small business when it suits you…

Curious about what on earth that means? Research shows you might just work better when you’re in the right mood. Check out Moodnotes at www.moodnotesapp.com to learn more about how to capture your feelings along with your productivity so you can achieve better results.

Productivity Tip 12 – Find (and bill) your time!

How often do we forget to record the time we put into our work? The reasons why are endless, but, often, it’s simply because we don’t have a great way to do it. Check out the amazingly easy Toggl at www.toggl.com.

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