Category: Estate Planning

Five Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

Did you know that creating an estate plan can give you the power to determine what happens with your estate after you pass, and offers protection for you and your family? Let us review five benefits to planning your estate with a knowledgeable attorney. You get to decide what happens to your assets. Whether you… Read more »

What is a Declaration of Domicile in Florida?

Did you know that Florida is the third most populous state, and that nearly 1,000 people move to Florida every day? People come for many reasons, such as retirement, weather, low taxes, and jobs. Moving to the Sunshine State, however, is different than becoming domiciled, which can be important for estate planning, taxes, and other… Read more »

Tips You Need For Ancillary Probate

Estate planning tends to be a foreign concept for most people. Besides creating a last will and testament and placing funds into a trust, many of us do not know all of the planning options available or how those options protect our assets. Without planning, your estate may end up in probate when you die.  A… Read more »