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Helping Others Understand Why We Celebrate National Autism Acceptance Month

Reviewed by Jason Neufeld, Esq. Are you aware that April is recognized as National Autism Acceptance Month? Formerly, only the Autism Society celebrated Autism Awareness Month, but it has now become a national celebration called National Autism Acceptance Month. The mission of the Autism Society during National Autism Acceptance Month is to spread understanding of… Read more »

Legislative Update: SB 1710 and HB 1349

    The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys issued this statement about SB 1710 and HB 1349: “While we recognize the importance of collecting aggregate guardianship data, these bills provide too much personal information, which could be exploited. Only information that has a public purpose should be collected, and private information must be protected… Read more »

Ways to Give Back This September 11th


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. This upcoming September 11th marks 18 years since the devastating terrorist attacks that took the lives of 2,977 people. Throughout the years since the attacks, many initiatives have been created to support survivors and the families of victims. Recently, for example, the Senate passed a bill to ensure a fund… Read more »

Understanding What “Trusting Your Agent” Really Means

Lifetime legal planning is premised on identifying and empowering someone you can rely on to act on your behalf as needed in the future. This is necessary, even in a marital relationship, because your legal spouse does not have the actual legal authority to act on your behalf in all instances. If you are an… Read more »

Factors to Consider When Selecting Decision Makers

Clients often intuitively know who will and who will not be able to effectively serve as their agent in a trustworthy manner. When my clients know who they want to serve, we often do not discuss the factors we consider when the choice is not so obvious. Let me share a few with you. First,… Read more »

Stopping Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults

A groundbreaking new law took effect on October 1st, 2014, which makes prosecuting exploiters much easier, and holding them criminally and civilly accountable. This new legislation is the first in the United States to truly hold predators of our most vulnerable citizens accountable. Representative Kathleen Passidommo worked with members of the Elder Law Section of… Read more »