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Three Questions to Ask During World Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Reviewed by Jason Neufeld, Esq. Did you know that World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is commemorated around the world on June 15th every year? People around the world come together to raise awareness regarding elder abuse. As a global initiative, professionals and citizens come together to address this alarming issue. Research now tells us that… Read more »

How to Begin Critical Conversations About Medical Care During National Older Americans Month

Reviewed by Jason Neufeld, Esq. Did you know that in May National Older Americans Month is celebrated?  National Older Americans Month was first celebrated in 1963.  At that time, Medicare had not been created and there were very few government programs that provided assistance to seniors in need. Also, more than one-third of all older… Read more »

How We Can Help Those Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Reviewed by Jason Neufeld, Esq. Do you have a loved one who recently found out that he or she has Parkinson’s disease and are you caring for your loved one?  You are probably learning that Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder stemming from the gradual destruction of nerve cells in the particular part of the… Read more »