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Caregiver Stress – A Caregiver Story


Authored by: Teresa Bowman, Esq. A story about caregiver stress… About a year ago a very nice couple came to see me to discuss a long term caregiving. Both were dressed nicely and as I introduced myself, the husband told me that his wife had dementia so she might not understand everything being said during the… Read more »

What Is My Lawyer Saying?

estate planning, elder law

Written by Erica R. Berger-Hausthor, Esq. Reviewed by Matt Rheingans, Esq. A what kind of deed? A subtrust for whom? A specific devise of what now? Are you confused by what your lawyer is saying?As lawyers, sometimes we forget that we are trained to read and speak a different language. By the end of an… Read more »

Tougher Medicaid Law: A Sign of Things to Come?

Medicaid Laws

Written by David Jacoby, Esq. Reviewed by Mary Trotter, Esq. Recently, I had the opportunity to deal with the State of New Jersey Medicaid System. I quickly determined that although the Medicaid System for Long-Term Care in Florida has its difficulties and the Long-Term Care Planning techniques are ever dwindling in Florida, Florida still has… Read more »

New State, New Will?

Written by Erica R. Berger-Hausthor, Esq. Reviewed by Carolyn Landon, Esq. Moving to a new state is a lot of work. Selling your home, packing, finding a new home, hiring a moving company, getting cars to a new state, finding new schools, new friends, a job. Moving is stressful and by the time you get… Read more »