Exploitation PowerPoints

Exploitation PowerPoints

Exploitation in Florida PowerPoints and Handouts:

These powerpoints and handouts have been created by the Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys to spread the word to three different audiences about the new Exploitation law in Florida.  This new law creates new ways to criminally prosecute predators, protect seniors and vulnerable adults in predatory joint account situations, and to keep fiduciaries from exploiting our most vulnerable citizens. These new laws also create new causes of action on the civil side for use in your guardianship, probate and trust litigation practices.  Each powerpoint set comes with a handout participants can take with them that explains the basics of the law.


    1. 1. Layperson PowerPoint: This powerpoint is directed to a general population.  It reviews the problem of exploitation and elder abuse, the new law and gives resources to contact when exploitation is suspected.  In addition to a simple overview of the law in handout form, it also has a Top Ten Consumer Tips to Protect You and Your Family handout for seniors and their families.

2. CPA’s, Financial Advisor Powerpoint: This powerpoint is directed to professionals who advise our clients financially.  It is an intermediate level program that assumes knowledge related to fiduciaries, and delves into the changes that have been made to the criminal exploitation statute, as well as the civil theft statute as a result of the new definitions of exploitation.  The handout addresses both of these issues.

3. Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers, Adult Protective Services, Prosecutors  PowerPoint: This powerpoint is the most technical of the three, and goes step by step through the statutory changes to the law and addresses some of the unique nuances such as the hearsay exception and permissive presumption of exploitation.  The handout is equally detailed.


You may order one of the powerpoint/handouts for $50 or all three for $99. All funds raised, after costs, will be donated to your Joint Task Force of the Elder Law Section and Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.


Please be advised that these powerpoint sets are not a substitute for studying the new laws yourself.  We encourage you to become an expert on Exploitation in your community– what better way to promote Elder Law Attorneys?

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