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Five Questions to Ask Senior Parents About Medical Alert Systems

Five Questions to Ask Senior Parents About Medical Alert Systems Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. Did you know medical alert systems are critical technologies that have helped so many seniors over the past several decades? August has been designated national MedicAlert Awareness Month? Alert systems come in different forms and with varying features, depending on… Read more »

Hurricane Tips for Florida Seniors and Their Loved Ones This Summer


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. As Floridians, we know that hurricanes are among the most devastating natural disasters on earth. Tree-snapping winds, torrential rains, and mass flooding are just some of the superstorm’s deadly effects. Others, like prolonged power outages, can cause a wide range of dangerous situations that exist long after the storms pass. … Read more »

What Is My Lawyer Saying?


Written by Erica R. Berger-Hausthor, Esq. Reviewed by Matt Rheingans, Esq. A what kind of deed? A subtrust for whom? A specific devise of what now? Are you confused by what your lawyer is saying? As lawyers, sometimes we forget that we are trained to read and speak a different language. By the end of an… Read more »