Hurricane Tips for Florida Seniors and Their Loved Ones This Summer


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. As Floridians, we know that hurricanes are among the most devastating natural disasters on earth. Tree-snapping winds, torrential rains, and mass flooding are just some of the superstorm’s deadly effects. Others, like prolonged power outages, can cause a wide range of dangerous situations that exist long after the storms pass. … Read more »

Tips You Need For Ancillary Probate

Estate planning tends to be a foreign concept for most people. Besides creating a last will and testament and placing funds into a trust, many of us do not know all of the planning options available or how those options protect our assets. Without planning, your estate may end up in probate when you die.  A… Read more »

Learn How to Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Sweetheart Scams This Year


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. Scams that target vulnerable seniors remain a prevalent issue in the Florida elder community. Whether it is a telemarketer scam, a mail scam, or an online scam, criminals are getting smarter, more sophisticated, and more difficult to identify. Unfortunately, these criminals focus on vulnerable seniors who may be lonely and… Read more »