Learn How to Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Sweetheart Scams This Year


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. Scams that target vulnerable seniors remain a prevalent issue in the Florida elder community. Whether it is a telemarketer scam, a mail scam, or an online scam, criminals are getting smarter, more sophisticated, and more difficult to identify. Unfortunately, these criminals focus on vulnerable seniors who may be lonely and… Read more »

Key Considerations for Why You May Need a Florida Durable Power of Attorney


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. We know it can be difficult to think about who will handle your affairs in the event you become unable to do so yourself. Have you ever considered, however, how stressful it would be for your loved ones to make important medical or legal decisions on your behalf with no specific… Read more »

Reasons Why You Should Consider Health Care Documents in Your Florida Estate Plan


Reviewed by Mike Jorgensen, Esq. When was the last time you updated the documents in your Florida estate plan? Does your current planning reflect your important health care decisions and wishes? For example, in addition to your living will, are your medical care wishes detailed in the event of a serious accident or terminal illness?… Read more »